Facebook & CSR workshop with USLA students, Ahmedabad

Jaya Verma

 | 14 Aug 2017 19:48:59:947

Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts (USLA), Karnavati University, Ahmedabad arranged a Certificate Master Class for students on ‘Social Surfing’ with Centre for Social Research (CSR), New Delhi. Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Head of Media and Communication, CSR, Delhi, was the key resource person for this workshop. He serves as a member of the Facebook Global Safety Advisory Board. Social Surfing primarily discusses the online safety mechanisms that are devised to control the information shared by the users in the virtual spaces. Information and solutions to concerns like online safety, trolling, cyber bullying, harassment, fake news etc. were shared with the students. Mr. Kumar engaged the students effortlessly for about two hours with various classroom activities, interactive exercises and his brilliant articulation. Senior Media Educator Prof. Rajesh Sisodia,  Associate Professor and Coordinator of USLA, said: 'The nature of communiqué has become digital across the world. Students who constitute the majority of social media force today needs to be aware of the troubles and etiquettes of this medium so that they use it extensively yet responsibly.'  Students enjoyed and loved the session.



‘Every woman should be familiar to the nuances of security measures so that they can shield themselves from invaders, hackers and stalkers in the social media platform. Also, they must know who to contact if need be,’ Faculty member Prof. Srotaswini Bhowmick responded.  Dr. Buroshiva Dasgupta (Mentor-USLA),  and  Dr. Alok kumar , Mrs. Divya Mudgil and other team members were there to make this session a success.


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